Oriented to customer project success

No matter how complex your project is,
Huihe Circuits can always find perfect PCB technology and service solutions,
Enable your project goals to be achieved on schedule

engineering service

The engineering team of Huihe Circuits provides consulting services and assistance in the design and manufacturing (DFM) stage:

Verify all PCB production parameters in the DFM system
Network list
Review all layers (inner layer, silk screen, solder mask, drilling and other processes)
Circuit board factory prepares production documents

Huihe Circuits uses the latest CAD tools to ensure that all designs meet expectations:

PCB circuit board puzzle design
Impedance calculation
Stacked design for PCB production
Suggestions on how to choose PCB surface treatment
Advice on choosing the best laminate and raw materials

Customer Support

The continuous development of Huihe Circuits is attributable to the long-term and stable relationship between Huihe Circuits and customers, and Huihe Circuits' commitment to assisting customers' success. The 10-year cooperative relationship between nearly a hundred customers and Huihe Circuit is the best proof that Huihe Circuit can provide high-quality PCB circuit board products and services.

Huihe Circuit provides one-to-one service for each customer. A set of specific production guidelines will be compiled for each customer's PCB production documents to ensure that all processes in the entire production process follow the predetermined standards and specifications.

PCB laboratory

Huihe Circuits has a fully equipped PCB laboratory in Xinfeng County, Jiangxi Province for testing PCBs provided by the company itself and other companies or institutions. The PCB laboratory tests PCB quality issues, such as temperature, cross-section and other tests, and analyzes wave soldering and reflow soldering conditions.

The laboratory conducts testing and analysis in accordance with applicable IPC standards or customer specifications. Test standards include IPC TM650 test method, IPC A-600 level 2, IPC A-600 level 3, etc.

Huihe Circuit has a wide range of partners, and partners can perform specific tests and analysis as needed, thereby further expanding the testing capabilities of Huihe Circuit PCB circuit boards.