Focus on PCB manufacturing for 10 years with guaranteed quality

Own production workshop, reliable production equipment, testing equipment and fully functional physical and chemical laboratory

Focus on the processing and customization of PCB circuit boards such as high-precision PCBs, high-frequency boards, in-disk holes, and half-hole boards

high speed

Fast delivery within 24 hours
On-time rate has reached 97%
Customer service response within 3 minutes

good quality

Use big brand A-level panels
Featured Sun Ink
Engineer 10+ years of experience

100% product testing

All products are scanned by AOI
Flying probe full test, FQC full test
Reduce the risk of bad products

How does Huihe Circuit cooperate with customers' PCB proofing needs?


Implement lean production, effectively monitor the production progress, and increase the delivery rate

Design Optimization

20+ core technicians have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and are proficient in industry standards and processes


Link with multiple suppliers to realize supply chain cooperation

Why choose in Hui and proofing?


Pass a variety of ISO system certification

High-tech Enterprise Certificate


Use high-quality raw materials

Arlon Yalong/Wangling
South Asia/Shengyi/Kingboard


The delivery rate has reached 97%

4-layer circuit board-the fastest delivery in 2 days
8-layer circuit board-the fastest delivery in 4 days
12-layer circuit board-delivery within 5 days at the fastest


Equipped with advanced production equipment

Huihe circuit DES line-pcb circuit board circuit board proofing manufacturer

PCB circuit board DES production line

Development + etching + stripping line of inner/outer acid etching

Huihe circuit drilling machine-pcb circuit board circuit board proofing manufacturer

PCB circuit board drilling machine

Drill holes according to the drill belt data to achieve the purpose of hierarchical interconnection

Huihe circuit automatic electroplating line-pcb circuit board circuit board proofing manufacturer

PCB circuit board automatic plating line

Laminated internally, the hole wall after drilling is plated with a layer of copper

Customer Testimonials

Huihe Circuits Cooperative Client-PCB circuit board circuit board proofing manufacturer

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common problem

2-huihe circuit pcb circuit board circuit board proofing manufacturer

01. What is the minimum line width and line spacing of the circuit board?


02. What is the maximum number of layers of the circuit board?

28 layer

03. What is the minimum pore diameter of the outer layer/inner layer?

0.10 mm

04. How to calculate the delivery date of an order?

The delivery time is calculated from the next working day after receipt of payment and confirmation documents. It does not include weekends, statutory holidays and transportation time. Therefore, orders on Sundays and public holidays will be calculated on the next working day. (Except for urgent orders)