Quality concept

      PCB circuit board manufacturers are facing a series of market challenges, such as rapidly changing products, increasingly complex global supply chains and uncertain demands. In order to meet customers’ response to the market in the ever-changing environment, Huihe Circuits continues to improve and optimize the production process, PCB circuit board product quality and after-sales service, to provide customers with an extraordinary customer experience. For this reason, Huihe Circuit’s quality philosophy is: strict management, continuous improvement, excellent quality, and customer satisfaction.

Understand the expectations and needs of each customer

Continuously create and provide customers
Brand new product value and service

Establish quality goals from the customer’s perspective, and then measure internal operations against these goals

Solve customer problems in a timely manner
Root cause and eliminate its cause to prevent the problem from recurring

Establish a first-class quality management system and continuously improve the continuity and effectiveness of system management, Huihe Circuit has passed ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949/OHSAS18001 series of system certification

Quality management objectives

       Considering the competitive nature of the electronics industry and the diversification of end consumers’ options, the demand for producing high-quality electronic products has indeed brought tremendous pressure to electronics manufacturers. Therefore, Huihe Circuit puts forward the following PCB circuit board quality management objectives:

Timely delivery rate of orders ≥95%

The qualified rate of finished product inspection is 100%

Customer satisfaction ≥90 points

Reduce customer costs and risks in the supply chain

Provide customers with an extraordinary customer quality experience

Reduce hidden quality hazards caused by non-conformance items in the manufacturing process

Identify and eliminate operational risks

Ensure compliance with laws and regulations

Quality management process

Through the strategic planning process of Huihe Circuits, an operational excellence plan was launched to ensure consistency and coordination among key resources. Huihe Circuits has adopted a variety of methods to effectively arrange personnel, use processes and technologies to optimize quality costs, and make measurable improvements to these goals.

01. People

The quality management plan is supported and led by the senior management of the organization. Huihe Circuit requires all employees to participate in the formulation of policies, internal training plans and standard operating procedures, so as to spread the quality culture. In Huihe Circuits, quality is everyone’s job, not just the final inspection of PCB products.

02. Process

The ability to expand the business depends on the company’s ability to establish reproducible and functional processes, procedures and work instructions. The team of Huihe Circuits is able to establish a formal CAPA process, a closed-loop process of the value chain, and real-time statistical analysis of internal and external activities.

03. Technology

Emerging information technology is helping companies simplify the quality cost data of various business processes in the value chain into a centralized and standardized information management system. Huihe Circuits uses industry-leading CRM, ERP, advanced scheduling APS and other software to make the development and manufacturing process of circuit board processing products more efficient, enabling Huihe Circuits to provide PCB circuit board products to customers earlier and faster.

04. Ensure that customer requirements are met

In short, the term “quality management” refers to the methods an organization takes to ensure that customer requirements are met. In general, quality is only for the products provided to customers. But for Huihe Circuits, quality starts when Huihe Circuits responds to customers’ inquiries, and extends to the timely and complete receipt of goods by customers.

PCB quality assurance

 PCB testing should be considered at multiple stages of the PCB circuit board product life cycle, including design/layout, manufacturing and assembly stages. Whether it is a simple bare board for continuity and netlist testing or functional testing of an assembled board, testing is strongly recommended. Huihe Circuits provides extensive and comprehensive PCB testing and inspection for each PCB circuit board.

DFM/Design for Manufacturability
Test optimization data

Visual inspection

Automatic optical/AOI inspection

Impedance test

Performance Testing

Gold image microsection examination

Electrical test

High voltage/Hi Pot test